WHERE AM I ? ….. We have fallen in love with Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand. So that is where we are.

WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON? …. We recently returned back to England for a couple of weeks to catch up with our families and sort out practicalities. Now we are back in Asia and after three years of travel, we feel ready to settle down in one spot for a while. So we have taken a years lease on a nice apartment in the city of Chiang Mai, and bought a motorbike and some comfy chairs. Feeling good.

WHAT AM I DOING ? ….. We have got into a nice routine. Early morning walks, lots of taichi practice and swimming. As always the main focus of our day is our creative projects, which really means continuing to write Jane’s book.

We are also about to do a month’s intensive language course to try and get our heads and tongues around the Thai language! Not easy.

And then of course there are the joys of meeting new people and indulging in the fantastic foods here. Gotta Love Chiang Mai.

WHAT’S COMING UP ON THIS WEBSITE ? …. Continuing to edit the Vietnam photos gallery.

What’s Happening ?